Skin Care

Nacro Cream { Nanotechnology Cosmetic with Herbs } Feel the difference of radiant skin with power of Nacro. Gives you one stop solution for all problems of skin for all types of skin for all ages with zero side effects.

  •  non-invasiveThe power of nanotechnology with herbs is a light-weight hydrating face cream for all skin types and ages.
  •  advanced-computationalThe powerful antioxidant rich formula delivers nutrients to the deep layers of the skin.
  •  accurateThe active ingredients work synergistically to target free radicals, visibly reduce the appearance of the signs of aging, acne scaring, brighten and even out skin tone and has a higher concentration of actives than other skin care products, eliminating the need for use of multiple products.

Oral Care

'CardiDent’ is a Nanotechnology based tooth powder primarily formulated to protect heart against age related ischemic attacks. CardiDent helps even in minimizing the events of stroke. This composition is developed using herbal materials in Nano form, after months of research and study.

  •  non-invasiveStart heart treatment from mouth’. Such path way probably should first begin with Tooth powder or paste.
  •  advanced-computationalCardiDent uses nanotech materials from herbs and do not contain artificially synthesized reactants. It is particularly good for who have high LDL/Cholesterol.
  •  accurateIt helps in safeguarding any untoward incident thereby giving time for consulting Physician for right action in right time.